James Bond Revisited: Top 10 James Bond Villains

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

Even though we’re pretty much all caught up with the 007 movies here on James Bond Revisited, we figured we’d keep things going until the release of No Time To Die with a couple of James Bond TOP 10’s, and here’s our first list – THE TOP 10 JAMES BOND VILLAINS!

As a long-time obsessive of the series, my choices for the best Bond villains have shifted over the years, but this is the first time I’ve tried to make such a list after having dug so thoroughly into the movies here on James Bond Revisited. So, I wanted to make it a healthy balance of old and new villains, with a few off-kilter choices here and there. Some ground rules: James Bond henchmen and hench-women were included. I couldn’t make a villain list without having Richard Kiel’s Jaws, which paved the way for a few interesting additions I hope you’ll like. I also left out the baddies from Never Say Never Again as they aren’t canon, but I did give them a special shout-out at the end.

Of course, I’m sure I’ve overlooked a few favorites, but that’s what makes lists like this fun – everyone has their own opinions. So make sure to share yours with me in the talkbacks, and I’ll do my best to answer as many comments as possible! Here’s hoping Rami Malek’s character in No Time To Die is good enough to make my next Top 10 list!And join us in two weeks for the TOP 10 BEST BOND GIRLS EVER!

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