James Cameron’s The Abyss could finally be getting a Blu-ray release

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

While you can go to any Wal-Mart, Target or used video store across the Seven Kingdoms and find at least 20 copies of the various releases of AVATAR on Blu-ray, James Cameron fans are still eagerly waiting for the day when they can own his movies THE ABYSS and TRUE LIES on HD formatting. It’s gotten to the point where one can only pray Cameron gets to an HD remaster of these beloved films, and it seems those prayers could be getting answered now, with a recent post from Skip Kimball, someone who has worked on past Cameron movies, hinting ABYSS could finally be getting that Blu-ray release we’ve all been waiting for.


Kimball, who has worked in the editorial department for movies like AVATAR and ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL took to Instagram to post an image of the movie’s logo while working in an editing room with the caption reading, “This is happening on stage one this weekend! The Abyss, directed by @jamescameronofficial #theabyss #4k #hdr #remaster #efilmstageone #efilmhollywood #blackmagicdesign #davinciresolve15 #theabyssbluray #colorgrading #jamescameron #bluray.” Now, I’m no detective, but something in those hashtags hints a Blu-ray remaster of the movie is coming our way. That or Kimball is getting his April Fool’s Day pranks in early.


Now, Cameron addressed the possible Blu-ray release of the movie(s) as recently as last year, telling Empire that while he doesn’t have time to get them just right for release (making the much-needed AVATAR sequels, of course) he “put it on my list to try to get it done before the end of the year.” 2018 has come and gone with no updates for either ABYSS or TRUE LIES Blu-rays, but we are now three months into 2019 and perhaps he carved out some time from his busy schedule to get at least one movie looking perfect.

Another convenient piece of evidence is that ABYSS was released on August 9, 1989, which means the movie celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. What better way to commemorate the movie than by releasing it on Blu-ray – possibly even in 4K – and perhaps coupling it with a re-release in theaters?

Starring Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Michael Biehn, ABYSS centers on a team sent to find a lost submarine, only to find an alien species living in the depths of the ocean. The movie wasn’t quite the box office hit some of his others have been, but it received good reviews upon release and went on to win an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and was nominated for several more. Today, it’s considered one of Cameron’s best movies, and the 1993 special edition has been met with even more praise than the theatrical version.

Until something is officially announced we should approach this carefully, but no matter what something seems to be going down with THE ABYSS, and frankly it's probably going to be awesome. 

Source: Skip Kimball (via /Film)

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