James Wan wants your short film to be part of The Conjuring Universe!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Are you a filmmaker? Would you like your short film to be included within THE CONJURING UNIVERSE? Well, then today is your day, my friend. I was just on director David F. Sandberg’s Twitter account and saw his new post about a really cool short film contest happening now.

You can check out his tweet right here:

So, yeah, turns out James Wan and the creators of THE CONJURING and ANNABELLE: CREATION want to see your short flick added to the official cannon. Which is beyond cool I must say. And I know I will be submitting a short for sure so I hope to go toe-to-toe with you fellow filmmakers soon!

My Annabelle Creation rundown via official site:

Share your creation of evil.

James Wan and the creators of The Conjuring Universe are looking for fans to submit a short horror film. Submit your film (no more than 2 minutes in duration) inspired by The Conjuring Universe and the upcoming film Annabelle: Creation. The top filmmaker will receive a trip to Los Angeles to meet with the director of Annabelle: Creation, David F. Sandberg, or an executive from New Line Cinema.

Your film must be submitted by 11:59 pm PT on July 27, 2017.

Once you head over to the official site you’ll also find more info on the project such as what’s happened in The Conjuring Universe thus far, the dos and don’t’s of your short film, and FAQs.

Are you going to be submitting a short film to the new contest? Let us know what you think and if you plan to submit on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram! Check out the official site RIGHT HERE!

ANNABELLE: CREATION hits theaters August 11th.

Source: Twitter

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