Jason Bateman doesn’t think Horrible Bosses needed a sequel

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While the first film grossed over $200 million worldwide and received solid reviews, HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 earned just a little over $100 million, and critics weren't thrilled with the follow-up. Jason Bateman talked about the movie's failures during an appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, and says he knows that people weren't exactly demanding for a sequel.

The first one was funny. The first one put up some money. The second one was garbage as far as box office goes. Who knows if it was on the merits or when they released it, but it did not do any money…A lot of people saw the first one, but there are plenty of films that made a lot of money where no one is interested in seeing another one.

Bateman knew what he was getting into when he signed on for HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 though (“That’s a paycheck for everyone. Everyone’s gettin’ paid. It’s a freebie.”) but says they weren't trying to make a lazy movie.

We can’t just make it suck. Everyone’s gonna know it’s a layup, but let’s at least try to make it hold up to some cynical scrutiny.

Bateman also jokingly blamed the audience for the sequel (“Don’t go out and buy a bunch of tickets for the first one unless you want a second one, cause we don’t have any discipline in this town.") and says he doubts the film's poor showing at the box office will hurt his career.

You’re somewhat insulated in that it’s an ensemble. I have to assume that [people aren’t saying], ‘Oh, come on. Jason Bateman is in it? I’m not seeing that!’ People just weren’t interested in seeing another one. ‘We saw the first one, we had fun, and I don’t need to go see a second one.'

I applaud Jason Bateman for being so open about HORRIBLE BOSSES 2, and I don't think any less of the actor for taking a paycheck film, especially since he's done plenty of other great work. Speaking of which, Bateman's THE GIFT is currently playing in theaters, and THE FAMILY FANG, his sophomore directorial effort follow-up to BAD WORDS starring Christopher Walken and Nicole Kidman, will premiere at TIFF 2015.

Source: WTF with Marc Maron

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