The Brave and the Bold: Jensen Ackles wants to play Batman in the DCU

Jensen Ackles wants to play Batman in the DCU by taking on the role in Andy Muschietti’s The Brave and the Bold.

Jensen Ackles, Batman, The Brave and the Bold

With the new DC Universe taking shape, we’re due to meet fresh versions of classic heroes, including the Dark Knight in The Brave and the Bold. It remains to be seen who will play Batman in the new movie, but Jensen Ackles is ready to take on the role.

There have been rumours that Jensen Ackles might be in the running to play Batman in The Bold and the Brave, and the actor addressed them while speaking at the Jus In Bello Convention in Italy. “Uh, I don’t know. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell you,” Ackles said. “I mean, could I do it? Sure. Would I want to do it? Yes.” Ackles then joked that Pedro Pascal would probably get the role. “Will I be mad when Pedro Pascal gets it? Yeah,” he said. “God bless you, Pedro. You just keep killing it, buddy. Let me know when you pass on something.” Ackles had previously campaigned to play Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us before the role went to Pascal.

Jensen Ackles certainly has experience in the DC world, especially with Batman. After voicing Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood, Ackles went on to voice Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween, Legion of Superheroes, and the upcoming Justice League: Warworld.

Jensen Ackles continued, reminding the audience about the WGA strike. “Look, right now nobody’s talking about anything,” he said. “There’s a strike going on in the entertainment industry, and until that gets solved, nobody is having conversations about anything. Would I entertain the idea of playing my favorite superhero of all time? Nah, I’m good. It seems like a lot of work, you know. You gotta put in a bat suit and be a superhero. I would love it. Sign me up.

It was recently confirmed that The Flash director Andy Muschietti would helm The Brave and the Bold. “It’s a magnificent film (The Flash) — funny, emotional, thrilling — and Andy’s affinity and passion for these characters and this world just resonates through every frame,” reads a statement from DC. “So when it came time to find a director for The Brave and the Bold, there was really only one choice. They’re an extraordinary team, and we couldn’t have better or more inspiring partners as we embark on this thrilling new adventure in the DCU.

Could you see Jensen Ackles as Batman in The Brave and the Bold?

Source: Just In Bello Convention

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