JoBlo Originals YouTube channel surpasses 800K subscribers!

The JoBlo Originals YouTube Channel has officially surpassed 800K subscribers. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed!

It’s a day of celebration here at, because our YouTube channel JoBlo Originals has officially surpassed the 800,000 subscriber mark! That’s a whole lot of subscribers, and we send our sincere thanks out to every single one of you. We hope you like what you see and will continue checking out the channel, because we remain dedicated to making sure there’s going to be plenty of fresh content on there every week.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, we’d be glad to add you to the list. Just head over to the YouTube channel, then hit the subscribe button and the little bell so you’ll be notified whenever we upload a new video. We post videos pretty much every day- we’ve recently started posting episodes of our series Face Off on weekends too.

JoBlo Originals is home to our original video content, with shows that dig into films of pretty much every genre (we also have a separate channel that’s all about horror – and that one is appropriately called JoBlo Horror Originals). The on-going series we have on JoBlo Originals include our flagship WTF Happened series, where we unearth behind-the-scenes information to see what went into the making of a movie, or look at the life and career of a celebrity. Plus, there’s the Revisited, where we look back at notable films (including spin-offs like Marvel Revisited and DC Revisited) the action-centric Reel Action; Fantasizing About Fantasy Films, and our popular James Bond Revisited. There’s also the increasingly popular Gone But Not Forgotten, which looks back at beloved TV shows, and so many more! We also post video reviews of all the latest movies and TV shows. Make sure to comment on all the videos as we love your feedback and will often interact with viewers and subscribers.

A few of the most popular videos on the JoBlo Originals YouTube channel have been embedded in this article. A whole lot more can be found over on YouTube! Now – on to 1 MILLION subscribers!

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Cody is a news editor and film critic, focused on the horror arm of, and writes scripts for videos that are released through the JoBlo Originals and JoBlo Horror Originals YouTube channels. In his spare time, he's a globe-trotting digital nomad, runs a personal blog called Life Between Frames, and writes novels and screenplays.