Keanu nixes Watchmen?

John Cusack might want to be in the impending superhero deconstruction WATCHMEN, but apparently Keanu Reeves does not.

Although persistent rumors claimed he was being pursued to play impassive nuclear man Dr. Manhattan, Reeves has reportedly rejected the offer. No details were given as to why he might not want to be part of such a highly anticipated project — maybe he had enough of comic adaptations after CONSTANTINE, or perhaps he’s sick of movies with WATCH in the title (he played a killer in the dud THE WATCHER and stars in next year’s cop thriller NIGHT WATCH).

Zack Snyder (300) is prepping the flick now, and Patrick Wilson and Jude Law are also on the wish list. The story follows a group of former costumed heroes trying to solve the murder of one of their own, as well as contend with an increasingly hostile world and a new threat to civilization.

Source: Coming Soon

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