Kill Bill 3: Maya Hawke should play The Bride’s daughter, says Tarantino

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Kill Bill: Vol. 3 will likely never happen but that hasn't stopped many of us from fan-casting a potential third volume if it were to ever happen. As it turns out, the film's director Quentin Tarantino has also thought about a possible third film and if he ever decided to round out the trilogy, he knows who he would want as The Bride's daughter, BB.

Tarantino is currently making the promotional rounds for his novelization of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and during a recent interview on Joe Rogan's podcast, he discussed the possibility of a Kill Bill 3 and he said he would want Uma Thurman's real-life daughter, Maya Hawke, to share the screen with her mother as The Bride's daughter:

"I think it's just revisiting the characters twenty years later and just imagining the Bride and her daughter, BB, having 20 years of peace, and then that peace is shattered. And not the Bride and BB are on the run and just the idea of being able to cast Uma [Thurman] and cast her daughter [Maya Hawke] in the thing would be f****** exciting."

At the end of Kill Bill: Vol. 2, The Bride triumphed over Bill and she rode off into the sunset with her daughter BB. Even though that seems like a pleasant ending, Tarantino acknowledges that things might not be happier ever after for the duo because there are still others out there that might want The Bride dead:

"Elle Driver is still out there, Sophie Fatale got her arm cut off, but she's still out there. They all got Bill's money. Actually, Gogo had a twin sister Shiaki and so her twin sister could show up."

Tarantino has remained adamant that he is only going to direct one more movie then retire but he always seems open to continuing with Kill Bill. Other Kill Bill alum have also talked about where a third film could go. Vivica A. Fox, who played Vernita Green in Kill Bill: Vol. 1, has expressed her wish to see Zendaya play a grown-up version of her daughter, who watched The Bride kill her mom. Zendaya has also stated she is very flattered by being Vivica A. Fox's pick so perhaps a Maya Hawke vs. Zendaya showdown could be in our future? With the first two Kill Bill movies making a combined $330 million at the global box office, I'm sure a third film getting the green light could be pretty easy if Tarantino wants to do it.

Would YOU want to see Maya Hawke as The Bride's daughter in Kill Bill: Vol. 3?

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience

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