Top 10 Movies with Last in the Title

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Earlier this week, the title of Rian Johnson’s entry in the STAR WARS saga was revealed to be THE LAST JEDI. Everyone is now theorizing about what the title could mean. Clearly, this is not going to be the last entry in the franchise but the word last does carry certain connotations with it. With that in mind, here is our ranking of the ten best movies with the word last in the title. Some are sequels while others merely want to convey the finality of the subject matter. Let us know if we forgot any good ones in the talk backs below.


Much like the next STAR WARS is far from the last entry, THE LAST CRUSADE was followed by a lesser sequel and a potentially better one in the coming years. Still, this is probably the second best Indiana Jones film with a great performance by Sean Connery. If THE LAST JEDI can be half as good as THE LAST CRUSADE, this December is going to be a great one for STAR WARS fans.


A cult favorite from the 80s, THE LAST STARFIGHTER was written off as a STAR WARS clone but is in fact a really fun scifi adventure. Who didn’t dream of playing video games and hoping they would be recruited to be intergalactic fighter pilots? I know I did. This movie should have been the first of a series and not the last as the title indicated. I still hold out hope for a sequel or a reboot.


Like THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, Ed Zwick’s epic film takes a white man and puts him in a position to help carry the legacy of a persecuted people. In this case, Tom Cruise learns to respect the ways of ancient Japan. Some would cry accusations of whitewashing, but this is actually a very respectful film that offers some truly excellent performances from Cruise and Ken Watanabe.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has never straddled the line between comedy and action very subtly and LAST ACTION HERO is no exception. At times, it feels like classic Arnold movies like T2 while others feel as broad as his later comedies. But, LAST ACTION HERO never quite clicked with audiences who didn’t realize that it was a satire of big budget films. The fact it was helmed by the great action filmmaker John McTiernan didn’t help make that clear. I am glad to see people revisiting this film decades later and really appreciating it.


What do you get when you cross director Tony Scott with screenwriter Shane Black? One of the most underappreciated buddy movies of all time. THE LAST BOY SCOUT has the rip-roaring dialogue of KISS KISS BANG BANG and THE NICE GUYS mixed with the action of LETHAL WEAPON for a movie that should have kicked off an ongoing franchise. Ain’t life a bitch?


Bernardo Bertolucci’s epic about Puyi, the last emperor of China, is an astounding work that not nearly enough people have seen. It is a sweeping drama that few studio films are anymore and delivers a powerful tale about China that is both reverent of the country’s history while critical of the political climate surrounding the events of the film. A beautiful movie and a contemporary masterpiece.


Daniel Day-Lewis stars in this adaptation of the classic novel. Michael Mann directed this epic film about the French and Indian War that also features one of the best film scores of all time. Meant to represent that Lewis’ character was carrying on the dying legacy of his adopted tribe, this film was met with few critics who did not love it and for good reason. This is one damn great flick.


Long considered a classic, LAST TANGO IN PARIS is a sexual drama that is meant for adults only. Marlon Brando gives a typically intense performance but you may never look at a stick of butter the same way again. For many, the first viewing of this film will also be their last.


Martin Scorsese has always shown a deep regard for religion in his films but this 1988 movie was considered blasphemous by many as it took a very human look at Jesus and the various temptations that test his faith. Willem Dafoe is unlike most traditional performances of Christ but you never once doubt his intensity.


Vincent Price stars in this 1964 adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Whereas the Will Smith movie turned them into weird zombie mutants, this B-movie take on the story is clearly about vampires in a post-apocalyptic world. Definitely not as high tech as some films, this movie definitely makes you feel like Price is the final human on the planet.

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