Mighty Mouse is coming to save the day in a new feature from The Meg scribes

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

What's old is being made new again as Paramount Animation has announced that they've landed THE MEG scribes, Jon and Erich Hoeber, to pen a script for an animated feature starring Mighty Mouse. The project is being billed as a hybrid film with Karen Rosenfelt and Robert Cort set to produce. Created by Isadore ‘Izzy’ Klein, Mighty Mouse is the muscle-bound rodent was once known as Super Fly but was then transformed into Super Mouse when Terrytoons head Paul Terry took the character under his wing. In time, the high-flying vermin was thought by many to be a spoof on Superman and was dubbed Mighty Mouse.

The anthropomorphic murine arrived on the scene in 1942 and went on to be featured in 80 theatrical films between 1942 and 1961. Later in his career, Mighty Mouse made the jump to a Saturday morning time slot on the CBS television network, where children and adults alike delighted in his comedic crime-fighting antics.

It's also worth noting that this isn't the first time that Mighty Mouse has made an attempt at the silver screen. Back in 2004, Nickelodeon Pictures, Omation Animation Studios and Nickelodeon Movies announced that they've be making an attempt at a CGI feature starring the character, though the project stalled out some time in 2013.

Good grief, I feel old AF right now. I used to watch episodes of Mighty Mouse on television by way of the USA Cartoon Express, I think. It was either that network or Nick at Night, I can't rightly remember. Hey, it's been awhile, alright? What I can tell you is that I used to really dig Mighty Mouse's over-the-top bravado, and his orange and yellow super suit was rather eye-catching as well. He fit right in with reruns of shows like Heathcliff, Super Dave vignettes, and whichever Hanna Barbara offerings were being serves up that afternoon. Okay, I'm gonna take my dinosaur-sounding ass out to pasture now. Enjoy your afternoon as I prepare to go our Old Yeller style. Goodbye forever.

Source: Deadline

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