Mike Judge creating new animated series called Tales From The Tour Bus

I love Mike Judge. I mean, BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD was my childhood. I remember staying up late at night watching them riff on 90s music videos (my favorites being the time they reminisced about the fake cop show in Beastie Boys' SABOTAGE video, or the time Beavis freaked out about that weird "The Bubblemen are Coming" video). I then continued with KING OF THE HILL when it was on FOX (then later on Adult Swim), as well as his awesome films OFFICE SPACE and IDIOCRACY (both failures at the box-office that were given much-deserved cult statuses later on). Now he's currently experiencing success with his latest live-action venture, as co-creator of the hilarious HBO series SILICON VALLEY (about to premiere its fourth season later this year).

However, Judge has a new animated series in the works as well (his first since THE GOODE FAMILY in 2009, one of his few honest misses). It's called TALES FROM THE TOUR BUS and apparently "chronicles the tales of some of country music’s most eccentric characters". While that synopsis doesn't exactly light my fire, neither does the synopsis "boring Texas salesman gets annoyed at stuff", and KING OF THE HILL I think is one of the most underrated – and most human – animated sitcoms to ever come around. So I have hope.

Either way, production on TALES FROM THE TOUR BUS has already begun, and it is set to premiere on Cinemax sometime later this year. I can't wait!


Source: Deadline

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