Mission Impossible’s success inspires a sequel and Top Gun 2 as well

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is turning out to be one of the best success stories of the winter, and executives are pleased as punch with the film’s performance.

Tom Cruise was thought to be an iffy commodity, as his last few offerings like KNIGHT AND DAY and VALKYRIE have failed to impress, and some thought his star may have faded since his blockbuster days.

But MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL turned that school of thought upside down. Cruise seemed like the action hero he once ways, and tanks to Brad Bird’s expert direction, the film has garnered great success both critically and commercially, bringing in &121M worldwide already even in limited release.

According to Moviehole, this has sparked movement on a sequel, which seems fairly obvious, but also on TOP GUN 2, as it’s now believed that Cruise’s star power would be able to carry such a project. It should also be noted that at one point, MI:GP was meant to be a torch passing of the franchise from Cruise to Jeremy Renner, but it appears that Tom isn’t going anywhere.

Source: Moviehole

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