Moody art for new edition of Eric Red’s thriller novel Don’t Stand So Close!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The Lost Boys and Flatliners director Joel Schumacher called Eric Red's first novel Don't Stand So Close “Titillating and original." while our very own Jake Dee here on Arrow in the Head called it "a visceral, tawdry, unpredictable blend of suspenseful horror and incendiary erotica"

So for those of you who have missed the initial release of the book, you are in for a treat. Don't Stand so Close will be published on August 2nd in trade paperback and on August 23rd in Kindle editions via the fine folks at Seidelman & Company and you can peep the brand new book sleeve (by illustrator John Gallagher) below!

Don't Stand so Close is about:

“It was 1998. The three young people Matthew Poe, Grace McCormack and Rusty Shaw were friends, high school seniors in a small Iowa town about to graduate and go out in the world. On the edge of adulthood, it was a time of awakening where everything felt fresh and new. Confused, carefree, they shared their doubts and their joys, trying to find out who they were and where they fit in. Their teacher Ms. Hayden helped make it all make sense for them, a friend who understood what it was like to be their age. Linda Hayden touched Matthew, Grace and Rusty in different ways and two of them would never forget her as long as they lived.
But discovering everything for the first time, it is what you don’t know that can hurt you. The three teenagers would come face-to-face with true evil. The choice would be growing up fast or not growing up all. But what did not destroy them would make them stronger for in the darkest depths of the human heart they will find a light that shows them the way. Coming-of-age has never been so fraught with wonder and peril in this unforgettable novel of what it means to be young.”

“In Don’t Stand So Close, Eric Red takes what, at first, seems like a typical teen ‘coming-of-age’ sex romp and leads it down a very dark and twisted path.”  “Being ‘Hot For Teacher’ has never been more disturbing.”  —Nancy A. Collins, author of Sunglasses After Dark  

Source: Arrow in the Head

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