4DX movie technology to premiere in an American theater this summer

If you have visited an amusement park in the last decade, odds are you experienced one of the many 4-D experiences offered. Most of these are 3D movies with rides incorporated that shoot water, heat, or smells at you to heighten the experience while still remaining a short thrill ride. TRANSFORMERS, TERMINATOR 2, HARRY POTTER, and DESPICABLE ME have all gotten the treatment and are five minute adventures that assault your senses. Now, that technology is coming to a regular theater near you.

According to The LA Times, the South Korean company responsible for creating the 4DX theater experience is bringing their first theater equipped with the technology to Los Angeles this summer. Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium 14 will host the 4DX theater which features 3D films featuring moving seats, pumped in smells and smoke, water effects, and more.

This may sound like the gimmicks that B-movies employed back in the 50s and 60s, and you aren't far off. The pricing model for the 4DX experience will be an upcharge similar to current 3D films and may not be for those who become easily nauseous. 4DX theaters have been growing in popularity worldwide with over 60 theaters equipping the tech in counties ranging from Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Using existing 3D films, the company is able to add the extra layer of effects to enhance the movie.

Whether or not this technology will gain traction in the United States remains to be seen. 3D has been losing steam with each passing year while it has been growing in popularity abroad. At worst, this will be a short-lived gimmick that fizzles quickly. Otherwise, stay tuned for 4DX theaters coming soon near you.

Source: The LA Times



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