A clear as day look at Captain America's modern day costume

Superhero costumes generally don't look that great in the light of day, with no camera filters to make them look cool. I have a feeling that's what's producing rather lackluster shots of Batman and Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES lately.

One exception to this rule however I thought was Captain America's military inspired costume from his recent debut film. Even off screen it look rather cool in spy shots that were leaked.

Today however, not so much. What we see here is the modern day version of Cap's costume once he's unfrozen and Avenger-fied. He's lost a lot of the bulk, and the look is more streamlined than his old get-up. However, this causes it to look significantly more like pajamas than before.

As I said, it will probably read better onscreen, but take a gander at what it looks like out in the open.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite superhero costume on film? Other than Cap's, I'd say they did a good job with Spider-Man. Worst? SUPERMAN RETURNS.
Source: Splash



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