Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine announce plans for Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2

Although I'm not the biggest horror movie fan, I do enjoy a good horror comedy, and in my opinion one of the best ones released in recent years is TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL. It's a very funny movie, with plenty of scares and blood to satisfy most horror movie junkies. The film made less than $5 million dollars worldwide when it was released, however it received solid reviews from critics, and many people fell in love with TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL after checking it out on DVD or Netflix.

If you were hoping for more Tucker and Dale adventures, I have some outstanding news for you this morning: TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL 2 is in the works. FearNet recently hosted a TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL panel, and stars Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine surprised the audience by announcing a sequel is in development. There aren't any details yet, but Tucker and Dale (and evil) will return for another movie.

Check out the announcement:

I'm definitely game for another TUCKER AND DALE movie, as long as they do something different with the sequel, and not just have the duo accidentally scaring a new group of college kids. I'm pretty confident the new movie won't be more of the same though, and I can't wait to find out what Tucker and Dale will be up to in the sequel.

Extra Tidbit: What would you like to see in TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL 2?
Source: FearNet



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