Amazon takes on Barbarella TV series; search is on for a lead and showrunner

The Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE) produced Barbarella TV series has found a home with Amazon Studios, which continues to push it's way into the streaming competition against venues like Netflix and Hulu. Based on the graphic novel by Jean-Claude Forest and the 1968 film adaptation starring Jane Fonda, the new series will be a contemporary take on the source material with a script by SKYFALL writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

The project has been in the works for the last few years, with Refn originally slated to direct a feature, but later stepping back and serving as executive producer instead. The Guamont production is currently looking for a lead actress to strap on the space boots and flimsy outer space wear, as well a showrunner to spearhead the series. The lead actress and the budget will be the biggest considerations for this show's success, I think. Casting will be crucial and I'm sure all the hot, young actresses of Hollywood are being looked at (Alexandra Daddario, perhaps?). The tone of the series, be it serious, campy, or cheeky(maybe all three?), is unclear, but I'm interested to see if this will be something "safe" a la Xena: The Warrior Princess or something more hardcore, like Starz Spartacus (with less blood, I'm sure).

Barbarella is currently in development.

Extra Tidbit: Who would YOU like to see play Barbarella?
Source: Deadline



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