American Psycho director & writer reunite for Charles Manson pic, The Family

Although AMERICAN PSYCHO was a success when it first premiered, the film has soared to even greater heights over the past sixteen years as it quickly became a cult favourite. Director Mary Harron and screenwriter Guinevere Turner crafted a remarkable adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel of the same name and it's one of those rare films which, at least in my experience, gets better each time you watch it. Deadline reports that AMERICAN PSYCHO's Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner are set to reunite for a film about another American psycho, Charles Manson.

The pair will join together once again to bring us THE FAMILY, which chronicles the infamous Manson Family murders "through the eyes of graduate student Karlene Faith as she works with three young, brainwashed women who were part of the cult." THE FAMILY will be a procedural film which will focus on Karlene Faith's attempts to teach the three Manson girls as they slowly begin to grasp the terrible reality of their crimes. The film will be based on Karlene Faith's non-fiction novel "The Long Prison Journey of Leslie van Houten: Life Beyond The Cult" as well as Ed Sanders' "The Family."

A synopsis of "The Long Prison Journey of Leslie van Houten: Life Beyond The Cult" via Amazon:

At The Age Of Twenty-One, Leslie Van Houten was sentenced to death, along with Charles Manson and his other disciples, for the infamous murder rampage spanning two nights in August 1969. Leslie, who was present at the Rosemary and Leno LaBianca stabbings, serenely accepted her sentence, wishing only that she had better served Manson in carrying out his apocalyptic vision of "Helter Skelter." When the United States temporarily suspended its death penalty, her sentence for murder conspiracy was converted to life in prison. Today, at the age of 51, after three trials and with no parole in sight, Leslie has become a remarkable survivor of a living nightmare.

Source: Deadline



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