Bojack Horseman wants to get better but doesn't know how in Season 5 trailer

Everyone's favorite Hollywoo has-been is back in a new trailer for Season 5 of Netflix's original animated series, BOJACK HORSEMAN. For the upcoming season, BoJack has landed a lead role on the new television series "Philbert," though the demons of his past, present and future still haunt his every move, making his return to the small screen even more of an uphill battle. In addition to his professional woes, the upcoming batch of episodes also finds the struggling '90s sitcom star looking to redeem himself by becoming the older brother that his newfound sister, Hollyhock, deserves. As always, the show finds BoJack juggling one too many balls in the air as he attempts to reclaim his mind, body, and soul.

Returing for another season are BOJACK HORSEMAN mainstays Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, and Paul F. Thompkins, as well as a circus-full of other celebrity voices who make up the populace of Hollywoo, California.

Will BoJack achieve the redemption he so desperately seeks? Will the booze-swilling, pill popping anti-hero be able to shine in the eyes of his loved ones, after making so many damning mistakes? Does anyone ever truly get better, or are all attempts to rise from the ashes of your own memory a fool's errand? Find out when BOJACK HORSEMAN returns to Netflix for its Season 5 premiere on September 14th.

Source: Netflix



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