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There’s been rumors that Ms. Marvel would make her debut in THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. In fact, it might be the last big news we get on the film as they have already begun shooting in Johannesburg. The only actress we’ve heard that is up for the part is the oh-so badass Katee Sackhoff. But if the rumors on that one aren’t true then who would you want to see as the character?

Carol Danvers has evolved dramatically since her first appearance in 1977 as Ms. Marvel. In 2012, the character took over the Captain Marvel name along with a new costume. What’s interesting is that Danvers is in the comic version of “Age of Ultron” as Captain Marvel. However, it has been said by Marvel’s Kevin Feige that the storyline for the film is not based on the comic. There’s also the fact that they’ve only been addressing the character as Ms. Marvel, not Captain Marvel which might be due to the fact that they don’t want to confuse people with two captains: Captain America, Captain Marvel. Though, I think it would be easy enough to follow along with.

Let’s get serious though, folks. Ever since they mentioned Sackhoff’s name in conjunction with Ms. Marvel, that’s all I see. But if they want to go with someone else (boo) then, which beautiful, kick ass ladies, could do the job? One that I thought of while making a sandwich was Margot Robbie. She was terrific in WOLF OF WALL STREET and would look great in the old costume or the new one. Many of you have suggested Yvonne Strahovski (CHUCK). I’m okay with that option though I kind of would like to save her for a Cloak and Dagger movie/series if it ever happens.

Get to it and cast away!


1. Timothy Olyphant 2. Jon Bernthal 3. Channing Tatum

The results on the previous installment of Cast This were very mixed. The three guys that got the most response for the role of Venom were Timothy Olyphant, Jon Bernthal, and Channing Tatum. One of these is not like the other… You guys seemed to think that Tatum could be convincing as Eddie Brock. I’m not doubting you, but I don’t see it at this moment. While I love Olyphant, I’d rather use him for Carnage if that happens. Bernthal is likely the best pick here. He’s definitely got Brock’s attitude down. I’m not sure the age they are looking at for the character. If there were a fourth place, Aaron Paul would have taken it. I’d actually be up for that but he’d have to beef up some.

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