Chris Pratt says being Indy would be awesome; Matt Vaughn is down to direct


I'd say the bulk of you felt okay with the idea of Chris Pratt replacing Indiana Jones, and why not? The man has the looks and the acting chops, as well as the charisma to inhabit such a well-loved character. Harrison Ford is going to be replaced inevitably, so it seems we could do much worse than Star-Lord. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, it's more than possible that Pratt taking up the whip may just be a fun rumor for the time being, but how does HE feel about it? Just recently the man received the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year honor at Harvard University and when asked whether or not he'd be down for playing Indy, he stated that it would be an "awesome opportunity." Far from a confirmation, but still noteworthy that the man would be up to the task.

Meanwhile, Matthew Vaughn has been talking up his latest film, THE KINGSMAN, which hits this Friday. While FIFTY SHADES is certainly poised to take the top spot as far as box office is concerned, THE KINGSMAN has been bringing in the solid reviews (check out ours here). When Vaughn was discussing some influences on his career, the topic of Indiana Jones and Star Wars came up. You can check out what he had to say on those two below:

Matthew Vaughn on directing an Indiana Jones or Star Wars film:

If someone offered me Star Wars or Indiana Jones I would be very interested. When you’re the director, you just don’t know. Something clicks and you go, 'Yup, I wanna go make that story,' so never say, 'never,' to anything but right now I’m in the world of Kingsman so it’s really hard to think about anything else.

If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have told you that the Ford/Spielberg/Lucas trifecta of Indiana Jones creation should not be messed with. Nowadays, CRYSTAL SKULL gives me more nightmares than the Star Wars prequels and I'm more than okay with other talent coming on-board to deliver some fresh ideas. We'll always have the classic Indy trilogy and given Vaughn's talent in assembling a great cast and shooting fun action sequences, having him helm an Indy flick doesn't seem too far-fetched. We'll have to wait and see who Disney has in mind!

You can check out Chris Pratt next in JURASSIC WORLD, which hits on June 12, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you like helm the next Indiana Jones adventure?

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