Christian Bale was apparently up for the Han Solo mentor role, too

Twas only yesterday when news broke that Woody Harrelson was being tapped to play Han Solo’s mentor in the upcoming anthology film. Though fans aren’t totally sold on the movie, news that the actor could be involved was enough to lift at least a few spirits. However, a new statement on the matter hints that Harrelson could’ve perhaps not gotten the part. Gasp! Pause for effect.

THR’s Borys Kit took to Twitter after the news broke around Harrelson getting the part to let everyone know that the news was true, but that other names were up for consideration, including Batman himself:

Of course we don’t know if this is 100 percent true, but it’s sort of fun to think about. Bale hasn’t done too many large-budget movies since he wrapped up his time as Batman back in 2012 (sans maybe EXODUS), but it’s not a farfetched thought to think he’d jump back into something huge if the role was right. But it seems like it won’t be this role, as fans are already getting excited over Harrelson’s casting, and to take that away from them would be like kicking a puppy.

As much as I love Bale I don’t think he’d be right for the assumed “mentor role” Harrelson has apparently been eyed for. Bale is the kind of performer who delves deep into his characters and can often steal the show with his mere pressence. This is Han Solo’s (Alden Ehrenreich) movie, so you need a supporting player who will stay in the wings and let him do his thing. I just can’t see Bale doing that as well as Harrelson, nor handling the kind of humor that will probably be involved, so this casting is probably for the best…that is unless they want the character to have a gravelly voice.

Unless the rumors prove true, The HAN SOLO movie is set for May 25, 2018.

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