Cool new international trailer for Godzilla has lots of new footage

Recently, director Gareth Edwards showed off some footage from GODZILLA at SXSW, which blew the crowd away, promptly continuing the build-up of anticipation for the revamp of the famous Kaiju. While today's new international trailer doesn't give us the full reveal we're all waiting for, it's got a ton of new footage to help whet your appetite, while still driving you a little mad with anxiety over waiting to see the hulking lizard in all his glory. It's a great marketing move by Warner Bros. and Legendary, as it keeps us insanely interested without ever letting the cat (lizard) out of the bag completely.

Take a look:

Reactions from the footage shown at SXSW and the overall look and feel of the film has left most people feeling more than optimistic about the new adpatation, as Edwards has displayed a keen eye in bringing this bad boy to life. With last year's PACIFIC RIM in the can, GODZILLA this year, and JURASSIC WORLD next year, it appears that the monster movie genre is alive and well, which is a win for all of us if they keep churning them out like this.

GODZILLA smashes into theaters on May 16, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: What other monster movie franchise would you like to see revived/continued? I really like the idea of a Pacific Rim/Godzilla team-up, even if it's a long shot.
Source: Warner Bros.



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