Cool Pics From Around the Web: RIP Jerry Lewis, Star Wars, Yondu love

We live in an age of sharing, where every moment is captured and sent into the world for liking, commenting, judging and making us feel like we have more friends than we do. As a result, the world seems so much smaller than it is, and one revolution to come out of the social media age is that we can connect with some of our icons and heroes with the click of a button, getting a glimpse into the elusive world of the show business. Here with the feature Cool Pics From Around the Web we will assemble some of the coolest, funniest, and possibly revealing photographs of the week from some of the world’s biggest stars. Don’t worry, no food pics in sight...unless someone made a dope cake in the shape of R2-D2.

This week's recap of cool pics is a leaner bunch as most people used their photo time to show themselves staring at the sun in amazement like cave people. But there were a few little gems out there ranging from cool, funny and tragic. The latter comes in the form of celebrities saying goodbye to two legendary voices of comedy, Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory. Stars like Chris Rock, Martin Scorsese and Ava DuVernay took to social media to share their thoughts and favorite pictures and messages from the two icons over the weekend. As for fun stuff there's a look into the editing bay from STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, Michael Rooker chilling with some very committed Yondu fans, and Kevin Smith taking to Twitter last night to announce the start date for JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT.

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Henry Cavill, holding Action Comics #1 ( Superman's First Appearance) Behind the scenes of #BatmanvSuperman

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Biggest fight in combat sports history, sorry Mayweather/McGregor #thorragnarok 😜

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Yondo cuts for all.......😜😜😜#immarypoppinsyall

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