Cool Videos: Check out this impressive pitch reel for a live action Star Wars television series

With STAR WARS: EPISODE VII likely casting the offspring of Princess Leia and Han Solo, it seems only a matter of time before we see new characters wielding lightsabers and blasters. Whatever the case, director J.J. Abrams is promising a return to the visual style of the original trilogy and less CGI than the prequels. This new video that has appeared online seems to blend both the new and the old into a suprisingly cool little video.

The creator of this supposed pitch for a live action STAR WARS television series is Paul J. Alessi. Alessi is an actor and has appeared in minor roles in THE ITALIAN JOB and THE NEGOTIATOR. He put together this idea for continuing the STAR WARS storyline. The choreography and effects are pretty good despite looking a little too CGI for my tastes but nonetheless a very impressive project. Very impressive indeed.

We can still wonder as to exactly how the storyline for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will play out, but hopefully we get some sort of variation on Mr. Alessi's idea.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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