Cool Videos: Two videos that recreate the opening sequence for The Walking Dead as a drama and as a sitcom

Cool Videos

Yesterday we brought you a very cheesy video of the title sequence for Game of Thrones done like it was from the 1990s. So why not show you one for The Walking Dead? Better yet, why not TWO?

The first one is styled like The Walking Dead is a drama from the 90s. It might be because of Rick's cowboy hat but it definitely has a Walker, Texas Ranger feel to it. And how perfect is the music they used?  I can hear the 90s voice over ads for the show in my head: "After The Commish stay tuned for an all new episode of The Walking Dead!"

Take a look:

The next video is a little older and you may have seen it before but it is a great companion piece to the previous one. This time the opening sequence has been done to make the show look like a 1990s sitcom. Once again the people that created the video do a great job of selecting music that is from that era. Doesn't it make it look like The Walking Dead would air between Family Matters and Step-by-Step?

I hope you enjoy both videos and remember if you see a video online that you think deserves to be a part of JoBlo's Cool Videos contact us and we may just use it.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite show opening sequences? Arrested Development, Black Books, and Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe are three of mine.



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