Cool Videos: Watch these classic scenes from The Exorcist with Linda Blair's original voice

THE EXORCIST is one of the scariest movies of all time and I have gone to see it each time it has been re-released theatrically. What bothers me each time is the number of jaded young people in the audience who laugh at the movie as if it were some outdated film from another era. I still look at William Friedkin's film as a masterpiece of all cinema, not just horror.

One of the most notable things about THE EXORCIST aside from the iconic make-up worn by Linda Blair is Regan's demonic voice. Provided by Mercedes McCambridge, the horrifying voice of Pazuzu emanating from this little girl remains one of the more unsettling sounds in any movie. Few people outside of the crew filming THE EXORCIST have heard what Linda Blair's voice on set sounded like uttering the putrid dialogue from the demonic possession scenes.

The following video was shared by Rope of Silicon and they do not know exactly where it originated, possibly from one of the many Blu-rays and DVDs of the movie. What you get is the original scenes minus McCambridge's voice. Now we just get young Linda Blair and, I have to say, it may just be scarier than the dubbed version.

Source: Rope of Silicon



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