Count Olaf is a sharp customer in Unfortunate Events season two teaser

Netflix’s A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS series perfectly captured the tone of the novels, giving fans the proper adaptation they thought they would get from the original movie. All the dry wit and comic bleakness were there, with Neil Patrick Harris owning the role of Count Olaf. Now season two will continue the trial and tribulations of the Baudelaire children, with Harris returning to bring dread and silliness at every turn. The first trailer gives a brief glimpse at the new season, with the release date of March 30 being announced at the end.  But you probably shouldn't watch anyway; it's too grim and upsetting. Maybe you'd like something happier, like that new IT movie. 

I happened to love the first season of UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, having a ton of fun with the Victorian darkness meshing with the comic excellence of Harris. Jim Carrey was great in the film version all those years ago, but Harris has a precise theatricality to him that makes his Olaf both despicable and delightful. I'm sure season two will bring back much of what made the first season great, and I'm waiting on eggshells to see the first full trailer. Does that make me a glutton for the macabre? Yes, of course. 

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS season two hits Netflix on March 30.

Source: Netflix



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