Exclusive Interviews: Sicario's Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro & Josh Brolin


If you read any of my 2015 TIFF coverage, you'll know that throughout the fest I ranted and raved about how amazing SICARIO is (see my review here). A tense, atmospheric, action-thriller from director Denis Villeneuve, which examines the drug war through the eyes of an idealistic FBI agent (Emily Blunt) embedded with a CIA-led hit-squad working south-of-the-border, SICARIO is the type of movie that – in a perfect world – would win Oscars and make hundreds of millions at the box office.

Naturally, when I was invited to participate in the junket for JoBlo.com I jumped at the chance, and I got the chance to sit down with each of the three stars. The first of the three, top-billed Emily Blunt, is in the midst of an incredible run as a heroine, which began with her scene-stealing turn opposite Tom Cruise in EDGE OF TOMORROW and now continues with this hard-as-nails, but vulnerable part in SICARIO. A joy to speak with, Blunt had a lot to say about the physical and emotional rigors of the part, and the European perspective on the drug war in general.

Next up was Benicio Del Toro. I was actually quite nervous to meet this imposing actor, who I regard as one of the greats of our time. Happily, del Toro was a total gent, who was keen to talk about the similarities of his part in SICARIO to his Oscar-winning role in TRAFFIC, as well as some atypical character moments worked into the film.

Finally, there was Josh Brolin, who turned out to be a funny, laid-back kind of guy, but one with a whole lot to say about the war on drugs and for whom SICARIO turned out to be an ideal vehicle.

Source: JoBlo.com



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