Guillermo del Toro's animated project Day of the Dead becomes Book of Life and finds its director

delToro and Gutierrez

To be fair, Guillermo del Toro actually has more than one animated project in the works as we speak - from what I understand, every Tuesday he goes to Dreamworks Animation and consults with them on their projects, and has his own original pieces in the works as well.  But BOOK OF LIFE is something different, something separate, that he's working on in conjunction with Fox Animation Studios (THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX, TITAN A.E., ANASTASIA). 

Originally titled DAY OF THE DEAD (possibly changed to avoid conflict with Pixar's "Day of the Dead' project), the animated film has picked up a director personally chosen by del Toro: Jorge R. Gutierrez.  Guiterrez is certainly well versed in the world of Latino-themed animation projects, as he spearheaded the hit (and Emmy/Annie winning) Nickelodeon show "El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Ramirez".  The show was an absolute blast, and Gutierrez's appointment bodes well for BOOK OF LIFE considering has background in integrating humor, absurd (yet altogether relatable) characters, and a unique animation style into one thrillingly cohesive whole.

Plot details for BOOK OF LIFE are currently being kept well under wraps as development commences (though a Romeo and Juliet-style story is rumored), and with the release date scheduled for the far-off date of October 10th, 2014 it may be some time yet before we get a glimpse at what new wonders del Toro has concocted for us.

Extra Tidbit: BOOK OF LIFE will mark the first Mexican-set project del Toro has done since 1993's CRONOS.



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