Harley Quinn and Enchantress shine in these Suicide Squad clips

Suicide Squad banner

There's only 2 weeks standing between us and David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD movie, and I think it's safe to say that we're all pretty pumped to see what Warner Bros. has in store for us. BATMAN V SUPERMAN may have been a misfire, but SQUAD is pushing all the right buttons. At least, in the marketing department. The latest trailers and TV spots have shown us more of same, but now we have a Harley Quinn-focused TV spot, as well as an actual clip from the film featuring Enchantress. Looks like we'll have two more badass heroines to add to cinema's history!

Harley Quinn is already a fan favorite, but I'm glad to see she can handle her own in the occasional elevator fight. Enchantress, on the other hand, is full of mystery. I know there's a lot of folks that are wary of Cara Delevingne's acting ability, but she certainly has the look down. Really diggin' that transformation! Hopefully we'll see more of that come August!

SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

Suicide Squad poster Enchantress Cara Delevingne

Source: Warner Bros.



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