Hear Tom Hiddleston sing as Captain Hook in Disney's The Pirate Fairy

While direct to home video Disney animated films are not exactly aimed at the JoBlo.com audience, I would be remiss if I didn't share this with all of you since it focuses on Tom Hiddleston's involvement with THE PIRATE FAIRY. Yes, Loki himself is lending his voice talents to the latest Tinkerbell animated movie as none other than Captain Hook himself. Plus, he sings!

That's right, not only is Hiddleston doing a little voice acting but he is letting his pipes belt out the latest Disney tunes. He is a suprisingly good singer which just adds to the roster of talents he already has. While THE PIRATE FAIRY is being relegated to the non-theatrical market, the series is pretty damn popular with kids.

When a misunderstood dust-keeper fairy named Zarina (Christina Hendricks) steals Pixie Hollow's all-important Blue Pixie Dust and flies away to join forces with the pirates of Skull Rock, Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) and her fairy friends must embark on the adventure of a lifetime to return it to its rightful place. However, in the midst of their pursuit of Zarina, Tink's world is turned upside down. She and her friends find that their respective talents have been switched and they have to race against time to retrieve the Blue Pixie Dust and return home to save Pixie Hollow.

So it may not rocket to the top of your must see list, but check out Tom Hiddleston discussing his portrayal of the young Captain Hook and hear his vocal talents. THE PIRATE FAIRY hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 1, 2014.

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