Hollywoods 50 smartest

I’m not sure what the staff over at EW.com’s problem is, but apparently they’re trying to make me spend my entire life on the internet. It’s bad enough I spend half my day transcribing every word on this site in Braille, but now EW.com has to go ahead and post their list of the 50 smartest people in Hollywood. It’s not even 25. It’s 50. Of course, I just spent the last thirty minutes reading it, and if you’re a fan of smart shit, then I suggest you give it a peak too. There are the obvious choices, like J.J. Abrams, Jodie Foster, and Peter Jackson, and there are lesser-knowns like Gustava Santaolalla and Amy Powell. I’m surprised by some of the omissions (where’s Leo and Marty?) and I was initially shocked by the number one choice, after reading their reasoning, it makes sense. The list was chosen by determining who shaped Hollywood the most this year, and who is shaping where its headed. In that context, this list seems spot on. Do you guys think anyone was left off the list?
Extra Tidbit: "Obvious Paris Hilton joke/excuse to look at her in torn gym shorts"
Source: EW.com



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