House of Cards season 6 trailer: Claire defends her crown from all sides

In the final season of HOUSE OF CARDS Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) has become the president of the United States, and though there are many who want to rip the crown off her beautiful head she's not giving up her prize so easily. She's perhaps more intimidating than her husband Frank (Kevin Spacey), and the new trailer for season six proves she inspires the same kind of fear as he did, but that isn’t stopping people like Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) from trying to bring her down. She won’t go down without a fight, which means this final season could be a doozy of deception, murder, plotting and nice costumes. But no talk about the health care bill, though.

The new trailer is as gripping as it needs to be, showing just how intense this final outing will be with all the bad deeds the Underwoods have been a part of in the past coming back to haunt them. Kelly’s Stamper is finally making a big appearance, and we see just how pivotal he’ll be here in taking down the new president. He knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. 

Then there’s Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane’s characters, Bill and Annette Shepard, two wealthy donors who have a vision for the future of America and are using their power, influence, and buckets of cash to fuel the Republican party against Claire. Along with the threat of Stamper’s knowledge into her husband’s shady dealings, she must also deal with these two, with Annette giving Claire a bit more info about her history than she cared to know.

HOUSE OF CARDS season six hits Netflix November 2.


Source: Netflix



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