I Want That: Experience being in a slasher movie without the pesky death

Have you ever thought about being in a real life movie? We have all pretended to be superheroes or action stars or in a slow motion John Woo sequence, but playing horror movie is a little harder. Not many kids want to pretend to be a murderer or a murder victim because of the stigma it might carry in social circles. But, we enjoy horror movies because of the rush of adrenaline they give us. Why do you think so many horny teenage couples go see scary movies?

So, how can you experience the rush of surviving a horror lunatic without actually risking your own life? May I present to you The Great Horror Campout>. It is a twelve hour experience at a Camp Crystal Lake environment. Held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, each person who ponies up the $149 fee gets a tent, a dinner, a breakfast, and an overnight nightmare that they get to walk away from. Here are some details:

First Rule: We can change the rules. When we want, for any reason we want and without any notice. You’ll need to be listening for the camp announcements for the rule changes if you have any hope of escaping elimination. The interactive “Hell Hunt” experience will give campers whom wish for a more extreme experience a run for their money as they come face to face (and closer) with their worst nightmares in order to retrieve the items for which they are hunting. The Hell Hunt will be an extremely high-octane hunt for items that will send campers bathing in the blood of a “Pope Lick,” partaking in a sacrificial voodoo ritual, digging through road kill amongst “Beasts of Bray” and more. Campers will have to use creative thinking and problem solving to find the most coveted items. Those “Hell Hunters” who complete the task will go home with a Golden Ticket to LA’s Most Popular Halloween Attraction, Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. The bearer of a Golden Ticket allows unlimited rides at LA Haunted Hayride 2013.

That sounds so friggin awesome it makes me wish I lived in California. I love a good slasher movie and the potential to live a real life SLEEPAWAY CAMP or FRIDAY THE 13TH is too good of a chance to pass up. But, be aware there are some warnings:

"During Great Horror Campout you may be forcibly handled, moved, bound, hooded, chained and subjected to simulated torture by our actors. You may witness strong verbal content, which may be considered offensive in nature. This content is part of the experience and is presented for entertainment purposes only."

If you think you are worthy of the adventure, please keep us in the loop and let us know how it goes! The event takes place on June 7th and 8th.



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