Inferno trailer is much more exciting than those other Dan Brown adaptations

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It hasn't been a smooth transition for Robert Langdon as the character has been adapted from the page to the screen. With THE DA VINCI CODE, everyone thought things would be fine, because Tom Hanks was taking on the role. However, the bigger challenge has been making the books into exciting motion pictures, something director Ron Howard has had real trouble doing. 

THE DA VINCI CODE and ANGELS & DEMONS were incredibly dull, and lead many in the audience to wonder what the big deal was about these best-selling books that didn't seem best-seller-y when converted into movies. INFERNO might help change that perception some by the looks of the first trailer. 

While the puzzle aspect of the story remains a big part of the story being told (one of the better attributes of Dan Brown's books), INFERNO feels much faster-paced, a little more action-packed, definitely more fun and, quite frankly, more thrilling. Watching other people solve mysteries isn't all that interesting if they don't have something to do in between that keeps us on edge. Think about it... Would you want to watch someone doing a crossword puzzle? 

Maybe now with the third movie Hanks and Howard have finally found the right groove to make this work, and... well, Felicity Jones can't hurt either. 

INFERNO opens in theaters on October 28.


Source: Sony Pictures



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