Interview: Band of Robbers Matthew Gray Gubler & Aaron and Adam Nee

Back in November, I had the opportunity to see BAND OF ROBBERS. This modern take on Mark Twain's Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer was a breath of fresh air. Wild and witty with a whole mess of inspired characters. Aaron and Adam Nee have crafted a wonderfully envigorating piece of cinema, one that also features terrific performanes from Kyle Gallner, Matthew Gray Gubler, Hannibal Buress, Melissa Benoist, Stephen Lang and Adam Nee himself. It is a gem of a film that is worth seeking out.

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Aaron, Adam and Matthew. Much like the film itself, it was incredibly entertaining talking about Mark Twain, bad ideas and swearing on-camera. There is a clear comraderie with these fine gents, and it plays out in both the interview as well as the film. Here is hoping audiences discover this audacious and delightful feature. BAND OF ROBBERS is opening this coming Friday in limited release as well as VOD. It really is a must see for those looking for something truly fresh in theatres.

Check out my original review for the film here.

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