Interview: Savages Director Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone has created some pretty damn impressive films throughout the years. PLATOON, WALL STREET, JFK, NATURAL BORN KILLERS and THE DOORS have all become personal favorites of mine and/or inspired me in some way shape or form. With his new film, Stone takes SAVAGES in a wild and bloody direction with a great cast and a look that is reminiscent of U-TURN.

When sitting down with the director, I had a few expectations as what he would be like to interview. None of them were met, but that was a good thing. Firstly, he had a bunch of fun with the name of our site and secondly he was shocked that I would have been a fan of WALL STREET. He had me pegged for more of a drive-in cinema fan (of course he is right on that). The biggest surprise however was that this serious and intense director was as funny as he ended up to be in our short time together.

Either way, it was a pleasure to talk to this immensely talented director. SAVAGES opens this coming Friday at a theatre near you.

“... you can get a hand job in the car while you are sitting there.”

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Oliver Stone movie?
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