Is there still a chance for a Dredd sequel?

So what about that DREDD sequel? Well, what about it? Everyone wants it, but why isn’t it happening? I’ve seen plenty of shit sequels make their way to the big screen, and the one time it seems like we might all be unanimous on one decision, there’s some sort of hold up. Unfortunately, the sales at the box office didn’t do any talks of a second installment any favors, however, we’re still hearing about it.

When Karl Urban was asked about the possibility of a sequel to the film during the Las Vegas Star Wars Convention, the actor only had this to say:

Conversations are taking place.

Immediately my brain goes here:

Back in March of 2013, Producer Adi Shankar said that a Dredd short much like Punisher’s “Dirty Laundry” was in the works. Recently, Shankar said to be on the look out for that within the next few months. The producer vows that once he gets enough "street cred" that he is getting a follow-up made.

Let’s hope this is true. Dredd has managed to come up with enough money to at least get some pretty decent talks fired up.

Do you think that a sequel will come to fruition…eventually?

Source: What Culture



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