Jurassic World is fastest film to $400 million domestic; $1 billion globally

Looks like JURASSIC WORLD has broken three more records in it's second week of release, essentially cementing that we will not only be seeing a sequel sooner rather than later but also that dinosaurs are about to become very popular subject matter for the big screen once again. In just ten days of release, JURASSIC WORLD has grossed $400 million domestically which is four days faster than when THE AVENGERS set the record in 2012. Colin Trevorrow's film also just hit the one billion mark at the international box office, setting the record for reaching that goal the fastest. JURASSIC WORLD also posted the best second week box office performance for any film with a gross of over $104 million.

JURASSIC WORLD is not showing signs of slowing down and could potentially join the $500 million club, a feat only accomplished by four movies in history (AVATAR, TITANIC, THE AVENGERS, and THE DARK KNIGHT). Whether JURASSIC WORLD can be the fourth film to gross over $600 million seems like a longshot, but stranger things have happened. The movie is performing well across the globe and could easily reach the $1.5 billion club very soon. Only two films have ever crossed $2 billion (AVATAR and TITANIC) but those records seem safe.

There are still several films on the horizon that could perform as well as JURASSIC WORLD but the next sure thing appears to be STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS at the end of the year. The rest of the summer has some potential for box office success, but I don't think we have any contenders that could do what this movie is doing right now. While Colin Trevorrow will not return for the sequel, I would expect the search for his successor to begin immediately.

JURASSIC WORLD is now playing.

Source: Deadline



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