Keanu Reeves fights for his clone family in Replicas trailer

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular topic in sci-fi films, as we ponder the idea of creating human-like androids/clones and bringing them into the world. But no matter how humanity intends to take the next leap, we must remember to never EVER mess with Keanu Reeves’ family. If he decides he wants to clone his family after their death – like he does in his new movie, REPLICAS – then just go ahead and let him. He will do anything it takes to keep his recreated family alive, and the evidence is in the new trailer above.

Coming from director Jeffrey Nachmanoff (TRAITOR), the trailer premiered at NYCC last night in front of a live crowd – with Reeves in attendance – and also stars Alice Eve (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS) as Reeves’ wife and Thomas Middleditch (SILICON VALLEY) as his partner in cloning crime. The flick has that late-night-thriller vibe, and though it may not be of EX MACHINA quality, fans of Reeves may want to check it out. At the end of the day, the movie acts as a stark reminder that we must be careful in the face of creating A.I., not because of the androids themselves, but what will happen if we try to take them from Keanu Reeves.  

REPLICAS currently has no release date.



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