Kurt Russell to suit up as Old St. Nick in a Netflix Christmas movie

You better watch out, you better not cry

You better no pout, I'm telling you why

Russell Claus is coming to town ...

Ho ho ho boy, folks! Word has come in that the legendary Kurt Russell is preparing to slide down your chimney and into your Netflix account for a yet-to-be-titled holiday film in which Russell will play Santa Claus!

Also attached to the project are Judah Lewis, star of the streamer's horror-comedy THE BABYSITTER, and Darby Camp of BIG LITTLE LIES. Producing the film will be Chris Columbus, who previously directed of the first two films in the HOME ALONE franchise. The new Netflix holiday feature will be presented as a live-action film with CGI elements. On board to direct the film is Clay Kaytis, who co-directed Rovio's animated adaptation of THE ANGRY BIRDS in 2016.

The story centers on two siblings (played by Lewis and Camp) who try to prove that Santa is real by catching him on camera. When they accidentally cause his sleigh to crash in Chicago, they have to help get Christmas back on track before it's ruined. Further proof that 99.9% of holiday films involving Old Saint Nick have the same damn plot. Ha ha ha!

The script for the film, which was once titled 12/24, is being written by Matt Lieberman, who previously wrote the stop-motion animated version of THE ADDAMS FAMILY, which is currently in production at MGM. Liberman created the idea for the film with the aid of David Guggenheim, the creator of the TV show DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.

Russell Claus is coming to town, kids. You'd better be good, or he's likely to go Plisskin Claus on your ass.



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