Luca Guadagnino says he has ideas for potential Suspiria sequels

Dario Argento followed up his 1977 horror classic SUSPIRIA with two more movies – INFERNO (1980) and THE MOTHER OF TEARS (2007), culminating in what is known as the Three Mothers trilogy. The biggest word in Hollywood right now is "sequel," and director of the SUSPIRIA remake Luca Guadagnino revealed he as ideas for more movies following this one and even said this movie’s title would’ve teased said sequels.

Guadagnino was speaking with Deadline about the movie when he was asked about doing sequels to SUSPIRIA, much like Argento did. He said this one was about to be billed as a “Part One,” all before they realized it would better to wait and see how audiences responded to it.

At the beginning we were going to title the movie Suspiria: Part One but we didn’t want to give the impression of something that couldn’t stand alone. Truthfully, I’d be interested to explore the origin of Madame Blanc and Helena Marcus and also the future of Suzy Bannion [Dakota Johnson] in the world. So maybe. We’ll have to see how the movie goes.

He was asked right after if he thought Tilda Swinton would be game for more movies, which would continue their now four-movie working relationship.

I plot adventures with Tilda on a daily basis. This could be one. We have to see how audiences react.

The Three Mothers trilogy focuses on three witches – Mother Suspiriorum, Mother Tenebrarum and Mother Lachrymarum – who are operating in several cities around the globe. We got a tease of all three in the most recent trailer for the movie, so perhaps they do intend to set up some sort of trilogy here. What helps matters is that the movie only cost around $20 million to make, so the odds of it making a profit back are high, even if it has nothing more than a solid opening weekend. 

The movie premieres this Saturday at the Venice Film Festival, so it won't be long before we hear about how good/bad the movie is. That reception is what will drive people to the theaters, should it be good, and could make or break any potential for a sequel. Horror movies are often low-budget and can fare well at the box office if there's enough buzz around them. Of course, if Guadagnino does do more SUSPIRIA movies, he will have to balance that with his CALL ME BY YOUR NAME trilogy. Dude has a lot of trilogies to contemplate.

SUSPIRIA hits theaters November 2.

Source: Deadline



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