Mark Hamill & Christopher Plummer join the voice cast of Lovecraftian horror

Very few people know this about me, but I’ve actually participated in a series of radio plays for the comic book website Talking Comics. In his spare time, a co-worker and dear friend of mine, Bob Reyer, has crafted a series of Lovecraftian Horror stories that are just amazing. So, it’s with a personal and vested interest in the timeless works of H. P. Lovecraft that I delight in bringing you this news.

Today, it’s been announced that both Mark Hamill and Christopher Plummer will be joining the voice cast of HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE UNDERSEA KINGDOM for Shout! Factory and Arcana Studios. Written and directed by Sean Patrick O’ Reilly, the film will be an adaptation of Bruce Brown and Dwight L. MacPherson's best selling graphic novel by the same name. It’s also worth noting that this will be the second chapter of the Howard Lovecraft animated film series. For those of you who are unaware of the first film in the sequence, it’s called HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM, and featured the voices of Christopher Plummer, Doug Bradley, Ron Perlman, and Jane Curtain.

The story of HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE UNDERSEA KINGDOM centers on a young boy by the name of Howard. Together with his friends Spot, the curious couple will explore a frozen wasteland, and eventually find themselves venturing toward ominous ocean depths. Of course, no Lovecraftian tale would be complete without a few fabled and terrible creatures being added to the mix, so expect to see beasts like Cthulhu and Shoggoth slither their way onto the scene.

Hamill will voice a character by the name of Dr. Armitage, while Jeffrey Combs has been cast as King Abdul. Meanwhile, Plummer and Bradley will resume their roles as Dr. Herbert West and Nyarlathotep, respectively.

HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE UNDERSEA KINGDOM is expected to conjure itself onto screens in late 2017.

In the meantime, you can catch Mark Hamill using his legendary Joker voice to read Trump tweets, or as Ted Hope in the upcoming film BRIGSBY BEAR, which is set for a January 23, 2017 release.

Extra Tidbit: By far, one of the coolest characters Marvel has ever created is the cthulhu-like creature Shuma-Gorath.
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