Get your Italian cheese on with the Master of None season two trailer

Along HOUSE OF CARDS and that show about a blind dude who hits people MASTER OF NONE is the best show Netflix has to offer. Funny, introspective, smart and with a great leading turn from Aziz Ansari. I'm gonna make the claim now that NONE is the best possible show about modern romance and life in general. Boom. Now season two is a month away and we just got a full trailer, and this time around we’ll catch Dev (Ansari) in Italy all before he comes back to New York to try and find love and world’s best taco. It’s not possible, man! You’re flying too close to the sun!

I’ve seen the show several times through at this point, and I could probably start it again soon and love every gosh-damn second. Not only am Iooking forward to seeing Ansari reteam with Eric Wareheim, but the show itself looks grander in scope and visually terrific. Needless to say I have May 12 marked down on my calendar, and not because it’s my birthday, but because this show takes precedent over everything else. The fact I get to watch it while stuffing my face with cake is just a bonus.

MASTER OF NONE season two debuts on Netflix on May 12.

Source: Netflix



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