Matthew Vaughn returning to the spy genre to direct I Am Pilgrim

Ever since Matthew Vaughn's KINGSMAN topped $400 million at the worldwide box-office, he's been rumored for every kind of project from a STAR WARS stand-alone flick to a Flash Gordon reboot. Lately he's been busy writing the follow-up to KINGSMAN, although it looks like someone else is going to take the directorial reigns. The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that Vaughn has signed with MGM to produce and direct a different sort of spy flick in I AM PILGRIM.

The book on which the film is based follows a former intelligence agent who wrote a book on forensic pathology and becomes involved in a case where someone uses his book to commit untraceable murders. Sounds like your pretty run-of-the-mill thriller, but as is with all Matthew Vaughn films, he'll no doubt lend the final product an edge that doesn't exist on paper. Terry Hayes (FROM HELL, PAYBACK), who penned the novel, will also be writing the screenplay.

Again, the synopsis doesn't really do much for me, but Vaughn injects a fun energy into his films. I think KINGSMAN and KICK-ASS are decent entertainment, but I have a feeling that Vaughn is going to really knock one out of the park one of these days. When he does, I won't be surprised one bit!

Production on I AM PILGRIM will begin in 2016.

I knew Colin Firth had some badass in him!

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