Meet Charlie, Echo, and Blue in the new TV spot for Jurassic World

The next big summer movie folks are looking forward to is probably JURASSIC WORLD. The sequel looks to recapture the magic of Steven Spielberg's original blockbuster but with updated special effects and very different dinosaurs. Many of the recent trailers and TV spots have teased the dino-mayhem in store for us but this latest spot sheds some more light on the domesticated raptors we have been buzzing about since the first trailer.

Chris Pratt's Owen Grady seems to have found a way to control the previously vicious raptors and has even given them cool names: Charlie, Echo, and Blue. We learn that Blue is the Beta while Owen Grady considers himself the Alpha. I don't know about you but I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that the raptors are going to turn on Grady at some point in the movie. Maybe I am wrong, but I am willing to bet on it.

JURASSIC WORLD was third on my list of anticipated summer movies this year and I have already been blown away once and disappointed once. Here's hoping this movie lives up to my expectations. If anything, I cannot wait to see what Colin Trevorrow has in store for us that hasn't made it into a trailer yet.

JURASSIC WORLD opens on June 12th.

Source: YouTube



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