Michael C. Hall searches for his daughter in trailer for Netflix's Safe

After Six Feet Under and Dexter, I'd follow Michael C. Hall anywhere, and the actor is set to make his return to television with Safe, a mystery series created by crime author Harlan Coben. A co-production between Netflix and Canal+, Safe finds Michael C. Hall starring as a widowed surgeon who discovers dark secrets about the people around him following his teenager daughter’s disappearance. I'm always down for another quality British crime thriller, and although Hall's British accent is momentarily distracting, Safe looks as though it has the potential to be worth the eight-episode investment of your time. The safer the street, the darker the secrets.

The official synopsis for Safe:

Partners, children, lovers, parents, and friends – does anyone really know the people they love? And how well do people know Tom? As the story opens, Tom, a paediatric surgeon and single father to two teenage daughters, is still reeling from the death of his beloved wife. Now he’s in over his head trying to juggle his new life – raising two daughters and dealing with his grief over Rachel’s death. Because, as we come to understand, the guilt Tom feels is rooted in moral complexity – a mystery from the night of his wife’s death that will be revealed.

Ultimately, we will learn the truth about how Tom’s wife died. We will learn the reason for Tom’s guilt from that night. We will learn that Jenny has a secret from that night – something that set her down a dark path of discovery that now threatens to blow families and a community apart. In the final reckoning there will be redemption.

Safe will debut on Netflix on May 10, 2018.

Source: Netflix



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