Mike Flanagan in talks to direct that new Halloween movie

michael myers, halloween

Things are progressing rapidly for that new HALLOWEEN movie that word started spreading about late last night. John Carpenter is involved. Miramax, Trancas International Films and Blumhouse are partnering up to make this happen, and now a director is in talks to get behind the camera to take Michael Myers back into production.

Mike Flanagan is in talks with Blumhouse to write and direct the next HALLOWEEN film, and, given the street cred he's established for himself within the horror community from OCULUS and HUSH, Flanagan feels like a solid choice to be at the wheel as everyone tries to right the direction of this once-great franchise.

In addition, Flanagan is at the helm for OUIJA 2, the sequel to Universal's 2014 supernatural hit, which sources tell me is a tremendous improvement on the first film which was widely panned. If he can make strides there, then putting HALLOWEEN in his hands is okay by me. 

Many have tried and failed at getting Michael Myers back on the up and up... and if Flanagan comes to terms, he'll be the latest to take his shot. However, he may be the one with the best support system around him to make that happen. Between Carpenter and Blumhouse, he is surrounded by people who live and breathe horror, and would love nothing more than to have a relevant Michael Myers back in the game. And with what sounds like a plan to get back to the basics of what made Myers so terrifying to begin with, things all may be finally coming together in the right way for the HALLOWEEN franchise. 




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