New Halo Wars 2 featurette gets into the characters inside the game

While never really a gamer, I still have fond memories of HALO. I was in junior high at the time, and it was mind-boggling to be able to fight in an arena with friends and also hijack space ships. I mean, that's pretty standard now, but at the time it was revolutionary, especially the ability to do it during a multiplayer match. I constantly died, but for those brief few seconds I was alive, it was fun as hell.

Cut to sixteen years later, and the HALO series is still going strong. So strong in fact, that like Mario before it, it's starting to branch out to other genres. And while there's no HALO KART or HALO TENNIS or DR. MASTER CHIEF (yet), HALO WARS is a real-time strategy game (rather than the standard first-person shooter) set in that universe.

Well, a sequel to HALO WARS is on its way, and here's a featurette about the characters of the game:

Looks impressive! But I have the patience of a goldfish, so I'll never know if it's a good game or not. Any fans? If so, what do you think of the sequel. Sound off below!

Either way, HALO WARS 2 is out now for X-Box One.

Extra Tidbit: Peter Jackson almost produced a HALO movie, but it fell through because the studio didn't believe in first-time director Neil Blomkamp.
Source: YouTube



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